Bratz Girlz Really Rock Reviews

Amazing! 10 February 2009
By Jenny from London
Overall Rating 1 5 StarsExcellent

"Such a wonderful gift. My little girl was over joyed to receive it. Beautifully designed toy!"
Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Cloe Doll 15 January 2009
By bella from Kent
Overall Rating 3 5 StarsExcellent

"My Daughter was very pleased with this doll as a suprise christmas present. The rock chick look and instruments were really great."

Review 2 for Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Cloe Doll.

really rock chloe doll 30 October 2008
By kathy from leeds
Overall Rating 2 4 StarsGood

"my daughter loves these dolls and you seem to get plenty of accassories with it"
Good buy 24 February 2009
By Lisa from Devon
Overall Rating 6 4 StarsGood

"Bought this for my 6 year old niece for her birthday,it was my second choice as she wanted a Hannah montana doll but her mum had bought it for her, well she loved it and it went well with her other doll cos now she has a rock band the doll came with 2 outfits "which rocked" so i was told and a guitar and key board, she plays with them constantly and the age group that it is recommended for is spot on, no good for a younger child. The only down side was it took half an hour to get out of the packaging."

Review 2 for Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Jade Doll.

Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Jade Doll 14 January 2009
By Mrs Waltho from Cannock
Overall Rating 8 5 StarsExcellent

"very good product, lots of accessories."

Review 3 for Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Jade Doll.

bratz glam rock doll 14 January 2009
By sophie from worcs
Overall Rating 7 5 StarsExcellent

"My daughter was extremely pleased with it."

Review 4 for Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Jade Doll.

Could have been better 14 January 2009
By Laura from Surrey
Overall Rating 4 2 StarsFair

"This toy was expensive for what you got in it. The doll was sturdy but thats about it - the turntable keeps falling over and the microphone and stand is very flimsy"

Review 5 for Bratz Girlz Really Rock! Jade Doll.

Daughter liked it 30 October 2008
By Joanne from South Glamorgan
Overall Rating 5 3 StarsAverage

"The accessories very cheap looking and quite expensive for what it is but my daughter wanted it."